Pastor Edwin Jeffres is Founder and Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Christian Center, a church bringing a whole new meaning to the world of ministry. Pastor Jeffres is a student of Jesus Christ who is committed to building up a generation of believers who understand commitment and seek to produce in the spirit of excellence.

New Beginnings Christian Center was founded in August, 2004, and is comprised of a cutting-edge body of believers headed by Pastor Jeffres and his wife, lady Theresa Jeffres. Pastor Jeffres, with his pertinent, practical and transparent treatment with the word, believes in using the word of God for the progression of believers and the persuasion of non-believers.

Of his call to ministry, Pastor Jeffres says, “I’m honored to have been entrusted with such a significant mission, and am committed to faithfulness. I will not compromise my integrity. My responsibility as a carrier of the gospel, is to make full use of His grace and to help as many people to win in this life-journey as I can.




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